We are very serious about quality – after all it is the only way we can successfully compete with other producers.

AboutThe Company

Focused on electric motors Balkancar "G. Kostov" JSC is specialized in the production of electric motors with applications in the electric vehicle and materials handling (traction), hydraulic and pleasure marine industries.
Over 55 years of experience The company was founded in 1928 while the first electric motor was produced ina 1961. Currently over 90% of our production is exported to Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa and the US.
In house R&D design and customization The DC motors have traditionally been designed for use in bow/stern/retractable/jet thrusters and winches for yachts fork lift trucks, electric and utility cars, golf cars, special driving units with marine application (bow thrusters), pump and hydraulic power pack motors.
Flexible production process Due to the nature of our production process we are able to produce efficiently relatively small batches starting from one unit of certain motor types and are ready to significantly customize our products for production series as small as 200-300 pieces annually.
HistorySince 1928
  • 1928      Marco Seliktar starts a small metal working factory located at 20 Iskar Street (now in the very center of Sofia, BULGARIA). The production portfolio includes various furniture, cabinets, watches, locks, door handles and other small metal products.
  • 1946      The founder acquires the current land plot of the factory, located in the Voenna Rampa district, just 5 minutes by car from the Sofia Central Train Station.
  • 1947      The plant is nationalized after the end of WW2.
  • 1948      The construction of the new “DIP Metal Industry” plant starts.
  • 1951      Construction finishes; all similar factories in the area are merged into “DIP Metal Industry”.
  • 1960      “DIP Metal Industry” begins specialization into electric motors and is renamed “Plant for DC motors production”. The company becomes part of Balkancar Holding to make motors for electric forklifts.
  • 1961      The first DC electric motor is produced; 10 different models are in production by the end of the year.
  • 1963      The plant is renamed again to “Balkancar ZPDEA Georgi Kostov” after a communist functionary.
  • 1967      “Georgi Kostov” already produces 70 different types of motors.
  • 1974      400 000 motors has been produced in total since 1961.
  • 1975      500 000 motors has been produced in total since 1961.
  • 1978      A major technical modernization and enlargement of the base is completed.
  • 1982      Production of starters for diesel engines commences.
  • 1989      With the fall of communism, Balkancar Holding loses its captive market and production starts gradually to decline.
  • 1990      “Georgi Kostov” starts making motors for clients outside Balkancar Holding. Major market segments targeted are mobile hydraulics and motors for the pleasure marine industry (bow and stern thrusters, winches, etc).
  • 2000      Balkancar Holding has lost most of its market share while the production of “Georgi Kostov” goes almost entirely to the marine and mobile hydraulics industry with a small volume of traction motors being made for the aftermarket.
  • 2002      Balkancar Holding declares bankruptcy.
  • 2003      “Georgi Kostov” is privatized to help cover the debts of the state owned Balkancar Holding.
  • 2009      The now private company successfully navigates through the perils of the global financial crisis.
  • 2014      A major renovation project is started aiming to upgrade old equipment. A new CNC machining workshop is established to produce shafts and flanges for the motors. Modern CNC lathes by DMG Mori have been purchased together with fast vertical machining centers by Fanuc (Robodrill).
  • 2015      The main production building is renovated featuring new thermal and roof insulation.
  • 2016      A new powder paint line is installed reducing electricity consumption 3-fold while simultaneously improving quality.
  • 2017      Hairpin conductor forming machine is purchased to make sections for armatures. Productivity is enhanced by over 300% while a production bottleneck is eliminated.
  • TODAY  “Balkancar ZPDEA Georgi Kostov” is a modern ISO9001 certified company with technologically advanced equipment. Virtually all important motor components are produced in house allowing great flexibility and fast market reaction.
Details for ourProducts
Balkancar "G. Kostov" JSC manufactures the following products:
  • Traction DC motors with frame sizes of 81, 125, 150, 171, 191, 220, 248, 268 and 326 mm and voltages from 12 to 400V.
  • Traction 3-phase AC motors with voltages from 24 to 144V.

  • The Kostov line of motors are aimed at the EV conversion and OEM market and are developed in frame sizes 191, 220, 268 and 326 mm with voltages from 72 to 400 volts.
  • DC motors  for hydraulic units with frame sizes of 81, 112, 125, 150, 171, 191, 220, 248 and 268 mm and voltages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 72 and 80 volts.

  • DC motors for special driving units with frame sizes of 81, 112, 125, 150, 171, and 191 mm and voltages of 12, 24 and 48 volts.

  • The DC motors  can be produced with series, SepEx , shunt or compound excitation.
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Serious about quality We are very serious about quality - after all it is the only way we can successfully compete with other producers.
High Quality standards We have expanded significant effort both in the fields of quality checks and in introducing an organizational structure that ensures high quality standards.
Delivery precision We recognize the fact that quality takes years to build and only months to loose, that quality is not only in the product itself, but also in delivery precision, after sales service and prompt response to customers' needs.
EN ISO 9001:2008certified The TÜV Nord cerfication is just one element of a complex quality policy encompassing all our activities.
Designed in-house The quality of the products is further ensured by our R&D department, where all products are designed in-house.
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